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Product Launch | 8 marketing must-haves before you launch your product


The success of a product is not always defined by the company’s budget but by its strategy. In this article, we gathered the most important things to cross off your marketing list before launching your product. 8 things to cross off your list before you launch your product Create your buyer persona Gather customer feedback Set your positioning Choose key marketing messages…

4 types of negative comments on Social Media and how to deal with them


How many times have you thought about speaking to a manager to complain about the bad customer service you received? And how many times did you actually go through with it? For most of us, the answer is “only a few times” or even “never”. No matter how upset we are, expressing our frustrations in real life can be dreading. Enter Social…

How To Search On Google: Advanced Google Search Tips For Content Creators


Doing research for personal or professional purposes, looking for inspo for a new client, searching for the latest news in a particular industry. Whatever the subject matter, it all starts with Google. As content creators, we’re Googling daily: we’re researching new content ideas, the latest trends in the industries where we operate, trending discussions on specific topics, hot Reddit discussions, or the…