Monthly Archives: September 2020

Inbound marketing mistakes that you should absolutely avoid


We decided to write this piece on inbound marketing mistakes because this week, we acquired our first customer from inbound marketing.  Along the way, we had multiple leads that mentioned content marketing as contributing to their decision of working with us, but vague.  This time, this client went through the whole process of inbound lead generation. First, he discovered us on LinkedIn.…

Open-ended poll questions: Yay or nay?


For a long time, I avoided open-ended poll questions in the surveys I’ve conducted. I followed the old-fashioned rule that you shouldn’t have more than 1-2 open-ended questions because the customer will not answer them.  And it’s true. But when you grow tech products from scratch, oftentimes you know very little about the customers you’re trying to bring in. That’s why we…

How we write content


I was working on a landing page recently and while I was doing my writing-deleting-writing-and deleting again thing, I realized that after all these years, I’ve developed a pretty good process on how we write content.  When I find the time, I’ll make sure to structure this process and detail it in an extensive article on our blog. Until then, today I…