An Employer Brand can sometimes take years to craft and refine. Beyond that, it further requires constant nurturing. This article will explain the benefits of using social media to refine it and outline some actionable steps on how to use social media for employer branding. See how we can help you refine your employer brand.     

What Do We Mean by Employer Branding?

Employer Brand is a term used for a company’s reputation as an employer, while Employer Branding is the process of presenting your company as a desirable employer. Put another way, the latter means creating an environment, work, and company culture that has people looking forward to their workday. Their experience with your company makes them want to recommend you further. 

Actively focusing on employer branding helps you increase your company’s overall happiness and productivity while helping you acquire new talented professionals. One of the best ways to do this is through social media.  

Get an Edge Over Your Competition by Using Social Media to Develop Your Employer Brand

Social media allows you to build and create the exact impression you have in mind for your company, while employer branding is all about creating a favorable reputation for your organization. 

Some benefits include:

  • It helps you develop a more human and nonconformist image for your company – If your company culture is something to brag about and celebrate, shout it from the rooftops with a host of tools at your disposal (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more).
  • It can be a thing that sets you apart from the competition – A glimpse of a day-to-day culture of a business provides people with a sense of security and a want to be a part of that culture. Take the example of Microsoft Life, the Instagram account of Microsoft, where they post examples of office life and share inspirational stories from employees in offices all over the world. 
  • You can build a community around your brand – Your employees can present the clearest picture of “a day in the life” at your company. Since they are involved in the daily activities, employees are the most trusted source of workplace evaluation. Encourage them to express their true thoughts and feelings and post to their own social media networks. This will keep your organization and community engaged while increasing reach and popularity within your company.  
  • You earn visibility at a lower cost than other channels used for generating awareness – Social media is one of the most cost-effective resources, with a large potential for business growth and visibility. It’s cheaper than any other form of advertising available today. 
  • You can create a stable pipeline for recruiting – Alongside the encouragement current employees receive when you actively manage your employer brand, a solid social media strategy puts you in a great position to attract high-quality candidates to fill your open roles. Studies show that 69% of candidates will not accept an offer from a company with a lousy brand, even if they are unemployed (yikes). But when you have a positive and talked-about company social identity, it allows your job pool to grow, with a better selection of people that fit your company culture. 
  • You convince your candidates that you are a modern, open-minded company – At the end of the day, your employees and candidates are looking for something tangible and straightforward that makes a real impact in their lives. So clarity is essential; skip the lengthy sentences and flashy promises. You are open, adaptable, forward-thinking, and your social media should portray precisely that. 

How to Build Your Employer Brand on Social Media

Your employer brand and online reputation are major decision factors for all aspects of business growth. It’s important to remember that the brand is not just about hiring amazing talent but also about humanizing and telling your company story to anyone internally and externally. Without a solid content strategy around this that aligns with your consumer brand, attracting top talent becomes much harder and more costly. 

An employer brand is also an important aspect of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which is essentially what the organization conveys to both current and potential employees. It encompasses an organization’s values, culture, mission, and personality. This will define all your content efforts. 

Below are some ideas of how you can use social media to strengthen your branding: 

  1. Developing your content strategy – This first step is the most important one. Be extremely intentional about what content will resonate with your audience. Build talent personas based on current employees’ interests. Then take that data and build your content strategy to help fuel new initiatives. 
  2. Create and share authentic content – All of your content must be original and true to your brand. If you are a global company, think about local initiatives for each area or country you are a part of. Let’s look at one of the more successful examples of employer branding on social media → Zappos. They focus on diversity and acceptance in the workplace, employee stories, open careers, customer-centric focus content, and even give back through Zappos for Good! This helps them cement a spot as one of the best companies to work for. 

Zappos Instagram 

  1. Publish and share employee interviews – 2020 was a year of growth for many companies and people alike. There is more emphasis on each individual’s self-care and well-being, as well as realizing the importance of balance and flexibility in their lives. Share and post that you and your organization emphasize this in your new approach. You may also set up focus groups to talk to current employees to get a better idea of their opinions and perceptions. They will be your greatest asset and the richest source of insight into your brand culture and EVP.  

Revamp Instagram

  1. Share spontaneous content – Storytelling with social media has never been more effortless. A great way to get people to envision themselves working for you is to post pictures and videos of your work culture (and not only) across all social media platforms. This content is best if it is raw, unedited, and reaches across multiple demographics, especially younger generations.
  2. Share what your employees share on social media – This is great for brand awareness. Encourage employees to share snippets of their workdays to possibly be re-shared on your company social media. 
  3. Engage top management & team leaders in the conversation – Leaders need to figure out new ways of engaging with and nurturing relationships with employees on social media. Two ways to do this are to allow employees to show their personalities and encourage openness. Additionally, management and leaders can reach out through webinars, podcasts, and other ways to further promote these aspects within the organization. Putting a face to the name is vital. 


  1. Create your own content project (webinar series, podcast, vlog etc) – By creating series or campaigns, you will help build your own audience and have different outlets for strengthening your branding.  


  1. Have ambassadors – If other steps are followed, and your employees are happy, they won’t hesitate to refer you further, post about you and your amazing initiatives, and become your brand ambassadors. 

Metrics to Assess and Track the Success of Employer Branding

To properly assess the effectiveness of employer branding, there are certain metrics to take into account. Metrics may include things previously mentioned like: 

  • brand awareness, 
  • quality of new hires, 
  • new hire retention rate, 
  • employee satisfaction, 
  • employee referrals, 
  • employee engagement rate, among others. 

If they are good, each of these metrics helps provide key insights into attracting more qualified candidates, improved retention rates, and increased productivity in the workforce. Conversely, you will know where to shift your focus if one (or more) of the metrics your organization chooses to focus on are not doing so well. 

Does Social Media Play a Big Role in Modern Hiring?

New generations are on social media constantly and are incredibly well-versed in everything social media. Born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, millennials are the largest generation in US history and are known for being the most brand-loyal customers of all. Studies show that 62% of millennials are more loyal to brands that directly engage with them on social media.

Additionally, many of them are using social media to find jobs and develop their careers. These technology natives require continuous communication with their brands, so social media marketing is an essential and beneficial aspect of hiring and communication.  


People want to do business with great companies that treat their employees and customers with respect. That is why showcasing this on social media is so valuable. We are part of a world that will look very different from before. More remote working, more opportunities to interact differently than just in an office setting, more chances to reach people through social media. 

Digital Tailors introduces the content strategy your organization needs to make sure your employer brand is successful. It’s as simple as that! Having a content strategy in place will help you scale and engage with your best audience, all while generating more traffic, qualified leads, and, most importantly, more revenue. Let’s find your path to growth, today.