We know many tech companies struggle with their content marketing efforts. When you’re developing a deep-tech product, there’s no better approach to writing about tech than a strategy that focuses on specific, hands-on, advanced expertise articles. 

The thing is… if you’re expecting a regular content marketer to be up for the job, you’re probably going to end up disappointed. And will probably end up writing fluff content, with next to nothing results.

We know this because we’ve been there as well.

We’ve spent these past few years working on tech clients and producing smart content. Here’s what we’ve learned:

Writing about tech while going deep into technical details

There are 2 work processes that go a long way:

1. Working with a tech guy/girl inside the company 

We find someone who has time and availability and we work with them strictly on the technical input. We don’t stress too much about finding someone who has a talent for writing. That’s our job. 

What we need from them are specific explanations, code snippets, screenshots of how various solutions work, or how-to tutorials. Getting the content ready for Google, for the user or for distribution is our job.

But make no mistake: you can’t rely on the CTO or the CEO for this job. We’ve tried that too and it ruined the frequency and regularity of our publishing efforts. Find someone who isn’t the CTO but has the technical know-how to still be an asset in this context. 

2. Hiring an external programmer to help with writing and proofreading

This strategy works well for 2 use cases:

  • When the client can’t allocate a person to help with technical input’
  • When the content is not that advanced in expertise or you have plenty of experience in the industry and you only need some proofreading and reviews.

In this case, we’ve learned that it’s actually better to work with people that are already active in the same niche. It saves a lot of time and money. 

The challenge is, of course, to find those programmers that have some spare time, are passionate about writing, and want to work with you. But, hey, nothing worth doing ever comes easily, right?

That’s all from me for today. I hope you find your person and be able to work on that specific, in-depth technical content you’ve always dreamed about. 

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