Content Marketing

Generate leads, build relationships and move customers towards conversions

What you need

Getting your product in front of YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS is an everyday challenge for most businesses.

Traditional push marketing tactics don’t work the same way they used to. Without a strategy, success or failure is just a matter of luck – you risk all your efforts going to waste.

Having a content marketing strategy allows companies to scale, engage with the best customers and generate more relevant traffic, more qualified leads, and more revenue.

What we do

We use the right mix of content, distribution, and promotion to bring you:

More customers
More engagement
More retention
More advocacy
Because we know you don’t care about having some content. You care about the results and conversions that you can get from content.

How we do it

We use a tried and tested 3 step approach to understand and implement your business & product goals through content.


This phase is all about understanding your current content marketing efforts and how they translate into leads and revenue.

We look at what’s been done and what we can do better. We perform a complete and comprehensive Content Marketing Audit that includes:

Customer Interviews
Data Analysis
& clustering
and KPIs
& opportunities

After the audit, we tailor a content marketing strategy that takes into account your budget, your niche, and available resources.

We do the work, you provide guidance and specific knowledge of the industry.
By the end of this phase you will receive:
  • Content Audit
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Priorities
Optimization and Experimentation

Up until now, you may have had issues with getting results, budget restraints, and understanding just how content marketing works.

With us, it’s not just a shot in the dark.

There’s so much you could do, but some strategies work better than others. We’ll separate the meh from the awesome and find what sets you apart.

In this stage, we follow an experimentation-first content marketing process to find:

Types of content
that perform
Outreach & distribution
strategies that work
building tactics
Idea - Results
Expected results
PR opportunities

Everything designed for YOUR type of product, YOUR type of customers and especially for YOUR BUDGET.

You will receive detailed monthly performance reports to showcase how content is performing in terms of traffic, leads and sales.
At the end of this phase you will receive:
  • Content marketing calendar
  • Content experiments proposals
  • Best-performing tactics & actions
Growth & Scaling

The first two phases are key to determining what’s working, and what’s not. In this phase, we will scale these efforts and define a final, step-based Content Marketing Strategy.

We’ll take what works and deliver it tenfold.

With clear conversion, acquisition and engagement cycles for your customer personas, we can target them with the content they need at exactly the right time.

Content that drives sales, not page views.
By the end of this phase you will receive:
  • 6-Month Content Marketing Strategy
  • Expected results & success metrics
  • Expected impact on revenue


Calibration (2-4 Weeks), Experimentation (2-3 Months), 10x Growth (3+ Months)

Is your tech company driving sales from content marketing?

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